Understand the anatomy of your female partner
First of all, before performing oral sex, it is necessary for everyone to understand and understand the physiological structure of the female partner. Many people lack adequate understanding of female orgasm methods and erogenous zones. People often use their tongue like a penis to simulate penetrative intercourse, or lick the entire genital area casually, which doesn't bring much pleasure to the female partner.

It is important to understand that the most sensitive area of a woman is the clitoris. Therefore, the essence of oral sex is not to use the tongue to imitate penetrative intercourse, but to caress and stimulate the clitoris appropriately.

However, while the clitoris plays a central role in oral sex, it is not the only sensitive area on a woman's body, nor should it be the only area of concern during oral sex. Understanding your female partner's erogenous zones and caressing them thoroughly before engaging in the main act is an important aspect of oral sex.

Pay attention to hygiene

Personal hygiene must be observed during all oral sex activities. The female genital area is susceptible to bacterial infections, so sexual partners must remember to maintain good personal hygiene, especially cleaning their mouth, face and hands before oral sex.

Also, for female partners, clean their bodies thoroughly, especially the genital area. However, it is important to avoid over-cleaning and remember not to overdo it.

Choose a low-effort location

When having oral sex, it is recommended to choose a relatively relaxed position and not to put too much pressure on the bodies of both parties. On the one hand, oral sex is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, not a muscle-building activity. There's no need to choose moves that are too challenging to maintain sustained tension in your muscles.

On the other hand, women can have multiple orgasms without a refractory period due to the differences between female and male orgasms. This means that oral sex may last longer, so you'll need to choose a sustainable position to do it in.

Foreplay is very important

Foreplay is an important part of a satisfying sexual experience. It can help us eliminate tension and anxiety, relax the mind, awaken desire, stimulate gland secretion, and enhance the quality of sexual experience.

Therefore, good foreplay needs to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of intimacy, gradually opening up our bodies through the satisfaction of the five senses. While sexy clothing and alluring perfume can create this atmosphere, relying on these external factors alone is not enough. The most important factor is tender caresses and sweet words to each other.

Be gentle

When a female partner's clitoris becomes enlarged, it's usually a sign that she's sexually active. However, it's best not to just lift the hood and start licking or sucking, as the clitoris is very delicate and sensitive.

At this point, it's best to lick the clitoris up and down through the hood with the entire surface of your tongue. The licking technique goes beyond simply spinning in circles and can even involve fun activities like guessing letters to add a little fun and excitement.

Try to avoid using your teeth when licking, and control the pressure to avoid causing discomfort or pain to your female partner.

When a female partner is close to orgasm, she can suck on her clitoris to speed up stimulation and help her reach orgasm.

Still be gentle when sucking. Start by gently holding it in your mouth, then gradually increase the rhythm of moving your tongue up and down and licking the clitoris until your female partner reaches orgasm.

communication, understanding and respect

All interactions in a relationship should be based on the principles of equality and respect, and oral sex is no exception. A woman's sexual pleasure can last as long as a mountain. Before oral sex, it is necessary to communicate with your female partner to understand whether she wants a long or short orgasm.

No matter what, it's crucial to truly listen to each other's wishes and understand your partner's needs. Then, do your best to accommodate your partner's wishes within your own comfort zone.